Android Linear Layout Example

Linear Layout is an android View Group that aligns all children in single oriented manner, vertically or horizontally. A Linear layout can have only one orientation, only vertical or only horizontal. The orientation can be specified by using attribute [cci]android:orientation[/cci]. Horizontal Orientation By default, if you don’t specify the attribute [cci]android:orientation[/cci], the orientation of linear …

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Android Relative Layout example

[cci]RelativeLayout[/cci] is one of android container or [cci]ViewGroup[/cci]. Like it’s name, the main feature of [cci]Relativelayout[/cci] is to place one [cci]View[/cci] relative to other [cci]View[/cci] or with it’s parent it’s self. Place a view relative to other view In order to make a relative position of one view to another view, an [cci]id[/cci] is must …

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